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Video-casting hosting by HeeJoo Park, RPh, ABAAHP, FACA, MS CEO of Key Compounding Pharmacy Dr. Nina Walsh, ND Specializes in Naturopathic medicine, accupucture, holistic skin care.

The Wonders of Mindfulness Meditation


In earlier years, the practice of meditation was widely used for spiritual and religious purposes. But over the years, other uses for meditation, like relaxation and stress management, have emerged. Although there are several other types of meditation, we’ll be focusing specifically on mindfulness meditation. The American Mindfulness Research Association (AMRA) defines mindfulness as “the state, process, and practice of remembering to observe moment-to-moment experience with openness and without… previously conditioned thoughts, emotions or behaviors.” It is simply the act … Read more

Are You A Candidate For Hormone Replacement Therapy?


Women tend to experience and ride the hormone roller coaster more than men, so they are understandably more interested in hormone therapy and balancing.  PMS, Pregnancy hormones, the baby blues and more, can easily send them over to the doctor for some relief from the woozy ups and downs. Men experience hormonal fluctuations as well with age, stress and diet. The increasingly popular Hormone Replacement and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) starts looking like an amazing solution to the madness both men and … Read more

Candles – to Gift or Not to Gift


Fall is finally here and winter is right around the corner. The chilly seasons welcome the traditional family gatherings, hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas. And on those cozy nights, twinkling on the counter or over the fireplace is a fragrant candle. But as the flame wavers in a dimly lit room and the scent wafts through the house, a candle might actually be the source of a Christmas gift you don’t want. Candles have that classic feel of what every … Read more

Salads Energizer


Dr. Nina Walsh and HeeJoo Park, R.Ph demonstrated simple salads making that brings good spirit and energy assessed by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Matching your energetic profile to certain food groups promotes a sense of wellbeing in that you could experience adaptogenic effect to manage physiological stress from seasonal change. Types of dressing, color of vegetables and fruit, oil, and taste, all contribute to your energetic relationship with food, even if it is subjective value that only true to yourself. Counting … Read more

How Bread and Grains Can Harm Your Gut


Today, we’re jumping on the grain train, but is it worth the ride?  Whole wheat bread is a staple in most people’s diet. It offers fiber, wheat, vitamins and considered a healthy option for your sandwich, but there may be a dark side to our sandwiches. Recent research and findings are suggesting that bread is potentially toxic. But, it’s not really the bread itself, it’s the grains and their anti-nutrients that are waiting to attack our bodies, while we enjoy a “healthy” … Read more

The Truth Behind Juice Cleanses


Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the famous names that swear by juice cleanses. As a teenage girl, I’m constantly aware of the trends that come and go and juice cleanses are no exception. Living in an environment where fresh fruit and veggies are easily accessible, I see even my friends splurging on these juice cleanses, claiming she feels “revitalized” and “ridding her body of toxins.” But the real question is: do they actually … Read more

Are Xenoestrogens Smashing Your Diet?


Xenoestrogens is a word I recently discovered in my health-related reading, and I had no idea what they were. It sounds very technical and scary, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to even dive into the research to figure out what these things are. But, I did, and it is safe to say we don’t like them. I can basically make that conclusion for you here. What I found is that Xenoestrogens are a sub-category of the endocrine disruptor group … Read more

Corn, the Hidden Cause for Children’s Bad Behavior?


We all know that sugar and certain chemicals cause kids to go nuts sometimes. Parents avoid the sugar-highs and lows as much as possible to eliminate tantrums and emotional explosions. However, recent studies have found that there may be a hidden culprit causing defiant and bad behavior. That sneaky ingredient is corn. I came across an article on my news feed the other day concerning this topic, and I couldn’t help digging in and doing more research. There is an … Read more

How Alkaline Foods shape Your Body


There is a hidden current of chemistry happening in our bodies, that most of us are completely unaware of. Greater part of the nourishment we take cause our cells to end up acidic, which takes vitality off of your life! As most of us head into the fiery summer, we want to feel more energetic with full of vitality. Focusing on foods that keep your body in an alkaline state can really help you do this! The body is continually … Read more