What is milk, beer and honey in common? Right, those are for the skin rejuvenating cocktails that Cleopatra had delighted in to pampering extravaganza on her skin. As fully understood ancient Egyptian beauty secrets, Cleopatra had enjoyed so much washing, bathing, and rubbing with the legendary potion to keep her skin alive and well. Cleopatra wasn’t only one nourishing her beauty benefited by the secret of skin rejuvenation. Chinese Empresses throughout the history had practiced Tao of eternal Youth. For example,Tai Chi,Tan Tien breathing, and mindfulness exercise were commonly practiced to build up internal Chi energy to bring mind-body harmony. Furthermore, highly secretive herb-mineral compounding medicine were accessible for them to keep their beauty ageless.

All these secrets handed down from ancient time of Chinese Empress and Cleopatra alike, has any scientific basis? Is there something more than fabulous stories that generate myth of ageless beauty? Dr.Nina Walsh shared her insights that uncovered ingenuity of legends passed on over the ages. The truth may astonish you because anybody can practice and apply fundamentals of legendary skin care to their body, just as simple as drinking water and having good night sleep. The profound mystery of skin rejuvenation may begin working from deep inside skin tissue. Dr.Nina Walsh and Hee Joo Park discussed in detail on Vital nutrition for skin detox and rejuvenation that matched ancient mystery in this podcast.

Podcasting hosting by HeeJoo Park, RPh, ABAAHP, FACA, MS
CEO of Key Compounding Pharmacy

Dr. Nina Walsh, ND Specializes in Naturopathic medicine, accupucture, holistic skin care.

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