Glutathione, Need More

Glutathione, Need More

Glutathione When You need more Unlike vitamins, glutathione(glutathione) is something that our body makes. Whenever you think about detoxification, this molecule is the one that does the job. If your body continually exposed various toxins, Chances are that you...
Low dose Atropine Eye Drops for Childhood Myopia

Low dose Atropine Eye Drops for Childhood Myopia

Myopia epidemic among teenagers became a real threat and it spreads fast in worldwide.

Up until now, the most seriously affected areas are in East Asian Countries. Global high tech exporters such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea found that  80 to 90 percent of their late teens were nearsighted. Especially, the situation in Korea was the worst. Of the 19-year-old men surveyed, 96.5% were nearsighted. 

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