Glutathione When You need more

Unlike vitamins, glutathione(glutathione) is something that our body makes. Whenever you think about detoxification, this molecule is the one that does the job. If your body continually exposed various toxins, Chances are that you depleted glutathione a long time ago. The toxins loaded to your liver couldn’t be processed enough, you may end up chronic inflammation stage that causes fatigue, body ache, frequent cold, and headache. There are numerous symptoms coming with inflammation that you just cannot point out exactly what causes all these pain and suffering. All those vague symptoms may not be the representation of specific disease since your doctor couldn’t find anything wrong.

Our diet can deliver enough raw nutrients to our body so we process to glutathione. However, the law of demand and supply works here. We just can’t keep it up with the ever-rising demand. The exaggerated demand comes from all fronts.  Constant exposure to various toxins,  polypharmacy, overuse of antibiotics, stress, malnutrition, radiation, and even sleep deprivation are factoring in demand. 

glutathione became ‘essential’ when it comes to detoxification that liver works hard to get rid of all the toxin. It functions as a grand marshal with a super powerful antioxidant property policing all major organs. Suppose it fails to meet the need in the brain, all these unpleasant symptoms you can think of may arise in subtle levels of forgetfulness, brain fog, agitation, and such. glutathione depletion can easily create an environment that is not conducive to functional brain activity. It can go even worse than it looks like when the depletion precipitates very serious conditions as such Alzheimer’ disease, dementia, and Parkinson disease.

Some may think that the depletion may come with ages but it is not the case. The depletion may contribute Autism, ADD, and other behavioral disorders among youth. Many parents report improvement on their children with the condition. Since so many researches are still on the way, we only postulate the positive effects contributed to glutathione in the context of anecdotal observation though.

If you think your eyes are immune to the depletion, you’d better think otherwise. Cataract, Macular degeneration is the top cause of losing eye sights and lack of glutathione contributes a significant portion of the pathological development of the disorders.

As a matter of fact,  every cell in our body synthesizes glutathione.  It is not an essential nutrient. The only problem is that you need much more glutathione to deal with various conditions.  You can start right away to replenish glutathione by adapting glutathione rich diet.  Most cruciferous vegetables like  Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale and Collard greens are all good source materials for glutathione. If you still feel sluggish or you have specific conditions that require a huge demand for glutathione,

it is time to check more efficient delivery system to your body. You may consider nebulizer first in this case. It is not an invasive delivery system like IV infusion but also it is comparable to IV infusion in terms of bioavailability. No doubt that IV therapy is the most effective form of delivery system but with a nebulizer, you can treat yourself at home without tears. 

You may be tempted to take glutathione supplements in the market due to the easy access.  It can be useful especially for pediatric patients if it works but you must research on the product in depth which is understandably not an easy task.  The good news is that supplements that come with cysteine and glycine plus vitamin C  can be more effective at increasing glutathione levels comparing to taking glutathione supplement directly that has been shown not to be very effective in most of the cases. 

It is a better plan to consume more organic cruciferous vegetables for physiological maintenance or using a glutathione nebulizer that you don’t have to worry about bioavailability for much more serious cases.

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