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Gum Disease may get you Cancer and heart disease

Gum disease is associated with cancer outbreaks and heart disease, as two leading causes of death in the world.

A study conducted by Tufts University School of Medicine showed that 7466 people who had severe gum disease had a 24 percent higher risk of cancer than those who did not suffer from gum disease.

In addition, the risk of developing gastrointestinal cancers such as pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer was found to be significantly high in nonsmokers with severe gum disease.

A new study from the University of Helsinki reported that periodontal disease-causing bacteria are associated with cancer elsewhere in the body, particularly in the pancreas.

Prior to the research, the research team in 2017 reported that a bacterium called Treponema denticola, which causes periodontitis produced the same type of cancer-friendly enzymes, Treponema denticola chymotrypsin-like proteinase (Td -CTLP) in such a way that pancreatic cancer did.

The enzymes(Td -CTLP) are commonly found in the mouth and act as the main catalyst for the onset of gum disease.  Studies have shown that these enzymes are indeed a potent activator of pro-MMP-8 and pro-MMP-9, cancer spreading enzymes that invade healthy cells.

“Inflammation, a characteristic feature of the periodontal disease, can cause harmful bacteria in the body to travel through other parts of the body, and toxic enzymes such as Td-CTLP can strengthen cancer cells.” one of the researchers said.

“Inflammation, a characteristic feature of the periodontal disease, can cause harmful bacteria in the body to travel through other parts of the body, and toxic enzymes such as CTLP can strengthen cancer cells.”

If cancer-causing oral bacteria aren’t scary enough, it is certainly terrifying when other researchers revealed how gum disease can damage your heart.

The research team at the Amsterdam Dental University in Amsterdam analyzed 60,174 dental medical records for Americans aged 35 and older investigated the relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris and heart attack.

“The risk of heart disease in people suffering from gum disease, such as periodontitis, is twice as high as for people without gum disease. ” a researcher reported.

As a study turned out, 2% of patients without periodontal disease had cardiovascular disease, while 4% of patients with periodontal disease had cardiovascular disease. When pre-existing health issues such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and smoking were added, the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with periodontitis strikingly rose to 59%.

“There is both the inflammation and bone loss caused by a periodontal disease that creates a groove between the teeth and the gums, Bacteria that have grown in the groove can cause heart disease.” a researcher said.

Studies seemed to agree that periodontitis is clearly linked to the chronic inflammatory disease and it can further progress to the scale of cancer and heart disease. Serious oral infections have a negative impact on our immune system and cardiac health, so regular oral examinations and dental hygiene care are the musts.


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