It will be our pleasure to introduce you to the fascinating profession of compounding pharmacy. Our little slice of the world is populated mostly by three groups:  patients, physicians, and pharmacists.  Each works together with the others to solve drug therapy problems that will ultimately lead to the best possible clinical outcome for the patient.  To paraphrase what Stephen Covey has written in his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “……people working together, synergistically, can produce an outcome greater than they could have produced individually”. We refer to this as the pharmacist-physician-patient triangle. In future blog entries, we will explore this relationship as well as many other aspects of compounding pharmacy. We will look at non-traditional drug therapy, patient responsibility for their own care, “natural” products, nutritional compounding, insurance issues as they relate to personal responsibility, to name a few. Suggestions for other topics are much appreciated. Be Well!  -Bill

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