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Thank you for participating in Key2Health Nutri-genomics Series. Here,  we would like to invite you to the next level of genomic medicine mastery.
You have probably noticed that your chronically ill patients are presenting to you sicker and more difficult to effectively treat using tried and true methods that worked ten years ago. Genomic medicine is an emerging frontier the application of which can help you understand your patients’ pathology on a deeper level, and use that information to implement more effective therapies and treatment plans. Genomics profiles can be difficult and painstaking to interpret, however, and you may be overwhelmed by where to start, especially when applying information to complex cases. Lucky for you, Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD has created these webinars to aid you step by step in implementing Genomic Medicine into your practice model with his trademark humor and encyclopedic knowledge.

Tolle totum: Treat the Whole Person.

Your patients do not present as just one organ system and you will certainly benefit most by purchasing the original series, Introduction to Clinical Genomics 9.0 CE Price: $299 in its entirety with updated 2017 bonus webinar, although not 100% essential but Level I will give  an excellent background to Level II series as Dr. Anderson plans to use that information as a jumping off point for the webinar sessions. We are offering Level II Nutri-Genomic 7 webinars at the discounted price of $350 totaling 10.5 CE credits and Advanced Clinical Webinar Series – 6 Webinar Set(9 CE) as following. If you choose to do one at a time, please check in Webinar curriculum to access the Genomic Medicine Series webinar archive files. You can access to  webinar series  as many as you want . Just click the streaming links from confirmation email from us  to view the corresponding webinar in your browser.

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