healthcare20120930020159In their last session the Washington State Legislature passed a law that profoundly affects the practice of pharmaceutical compounding in Washington.  The law states that all compounding done within the state must comply with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for compounding.  The Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission, formerly known as the Board of Pharmacy, is currently writing rules based on the standards.  However, state pharmacy inspectors are already beginning to use USP standards in surveying compounding pharmacies.

USP standards are very detailed and represent a whole new measure in determining whether a compounding pharmacy’s preparations are safe and meet the highest levels of purity possible.  In order to meet these strenuous requirements  most compounders will have to make changes in how they compound preparations and how they document adherence to the standards.  Currently there are only four compounding pharmacies in the State of Washington that can document they meet these standards.  These four pharmacies have voluntarily sought and passed national accreditation by the independent Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board, know as PCAB.  PCAB accreditation assures medical providers and patients that an accredited pharmacy meets USP standards of practice.  It is worth noting that USP standards are minimum standards of practice.  PCAB accreditation is documentation that a pharmacy not only meets but exceeds these national standards.

Key Compounding Pharmacy is one of those four pharmacies!

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