If you are diagnosed with cancer a first priority for you and your doctor will be to remove the cancer, if possible, and/or treat it with radiation, chemotherapy, or both.  But equally important is avoiding malnutrition, minimizing toxic side effects from radiation and chemotherapy, and boosting the immune system to fight the cancerous cells.  This is where proper nutrition and nutritional supplementation is essential.  It is also the area of treatment that is entirely in your hands.

To take control of your nutrition and nutritional supplementation you will need to have good information on what to do and what nutrients are of value.  The pharmacists at Key Compounding Pharmacy can help.  They can recommend what to do to strengthen your immune system and what nutrients you can take to make chemotherapy more toxic to cancer cells and less toxic to good cells.  There are also measures you can take to minimize nausea, neuropathies, and damage to mucous membranes.

Talk with one of our pharmacists.  They are there….Just for You!

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