Over two thousand three hundred and 40 years ago Hippocrates recognized a basic truth when he said “May your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”.  He understood that “being well” depended on the body healing itself.  He understood that a healthy body depended on the nutrients it received.  We today understand an additional truth - healthy organs, especially the gut, are necessary for the proper absorption and use of nutrients by the body.  Holistic medicine practitioners have long based their practices on this concept.

In the world of computer science there is the maxim - “garbage in, garbage out”.  If the information you put into a computer is corrupted data, what you will get out of the computer is corrupted information.  So too with our bodies.  What one puts into the body will determine what the body gets out of it.  Garbage in - garbage out!  If you don’t put the right stuff in then you will be making it difficult for the body to heal itself.

Over the next several blogs I will try to explore some basic things you can do to improve your health and wellness.  There are five major organs in the body responsible for protecting us from external insults (toxins) - skin, lungs, gut, liver, and kidneys.  The health of these organs is critical.  I will start there.

Be Well!

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