We live in an environment in which we are almost constantly exposed to toxic chemicals.  They make their way into our systems and can damage our organs and our ability to heal ourselves.  It makes sense then to start here in our quest toward wellness.  Even partially removing ourselves from exposure to these toxins can help.  So the first step to wellness is searching for ways to decrease exposure to offending agents.  How do we do that?  Let’s look at the first major organ system through which toxins enter the body.

Our SKIN is a major protective organ, but it is not perfect.  Many substances easily penetrate the skin, get into fat tissue, and fairly quickly into our systemic blood circulation to be deposited throughout the body.  Taking good care of the skin is essential.  Intact skin offers excellent protection against bacteria and other organisms.  Treat and bandage cuts and scrapes to block infections.  Keep your skin clean but don’t go overboard.  Daily showers are needed by some people but not everyone.  Every time you wash with soap you remove skin oils that keep the skin soft and lubricated.  Dry skin can crack and lose some of its barrier properties.  You may want to use the simplest of lotions and creams to mitigate exposure to a surprising number of chemicals found in these products.  Wear gloves when working with household cleaning and disinfecting products, and in the garden when working with fertilizers and insect sprays.  Limit use of lipstick and makeup as these may contain chemicals of unknown skin penetration and toxicity.  Many underarm deodorants/anti-perspirants contain aluminum and other potentially harmful chemicals.  Think about clothes also.  You may want to wash new cloths a few times before being worn to help remove chemicals used in the dying and manufacturing process.  Dry cleaning exposes clothes to really nasty chemicals.  You may want to keep dry cleaning to a minimum.  Hot tubs/spas may use bromine or chlorine-based chemicals to kill bacteria.  Both chemicals can be toxic and are absorbed through the skin.  The list can go on and on.

While we might not have total control over skin exposure to toxins, we do have some control and that can make a difference.  Be aware of what you are exposing yourself to via your skin.  Make good lifestyle/wellness decisions.

Be Well!

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