Zen-150x150Whether you’re looking for a gluten-free recipe or training for a 5K, it truly pays off to have some guidance along the way. There are endless health and nutrition sites which can make finding the right one a headache. That’s why we did the work for you and pared it down to only the latest and greatest to help you stay motivated with some daily inspiration. Stay tuned for next week’s post on sites geared towards men’s health.

Greatist ranks number one for being the latest. It rolled out this year almost overnight and stands out among other sites for having a trademark of its own – only science and fact based content can be found here. Don’t worry about this stuff being anecdotal soccer mom chatter – it’s got evidence to back up every claim. Cool pictures, short articles and all around goodness keeps you feeling positive.

DASH Diet use this website as your sole go-to for healthy recipes. Given the ever changing food pyramid, we understand how it’s hard to keep up on what foods to be gorging or eliminating. Designed by the Mayo Clinic, this diet has been voted the best and healthiest in reducing blood pressure and improving health.

Pinterest, of course, is the online mecca for recipe sharing to photography. We like our Pinterest page because we pin all things related to your well-being. Check out our pins on Supplements and Vitamins to get started.

POP SUGAR If looking hot and fit like a celebrity is what motivates you, then this site will give you all the tips you need to stay trim and vibrant.

Spark People is an online community where you can create a profile and stay motivated by sharing tips with other users. You can track activity and find tailored recipes for your dietary needs. Oh, and they have an app so you can track everything on your smartphone. There are prompts to add certain features for a fee but there are still lots of free features that are worth using.

Do you have a favorite website for daily wellness? Share yours in the comments below.


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