Imagine suddenly being told you can’t get the compounded prescriptions your physician has ordered for you. Not being able to use the pharmacy of your choice, the pharmacy you have established a long and trusted relationship with. Being denied access to bioidentical hormones or extended release thyroid medications? New rules soon to be put enacted by the FDA make this a very real threat. The FDA is proposing to place an arbitrary limit on the number of prescriptions that any compounding pharmacy can ship out of state and turn over this market to a new type of entity called an “outsourcing facility. “

Why is this so critical? Many states lack compounding pharmacies that can fill patient prescriptions. This will take away the ability for many patients to receive their medications in the special dosages or forms that they need and their doctors have recommended. The outsourcing facilities that will supposedly fill the gap can only ship medications that appear on a list of compounding ingredients pre-approved by the FDA. The list will almost certainly leave out many important compounded ingredients, such as bioidentical estriol or compounded extended-release thyroid. What can you do to prevent this from happening? Use the link below to tell the FDA and Congress that any limit on interstate sales of vital compounded drugs such as estriol or extended release thyroid is unacceptable.

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