Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) turned out to be most common cause of infertility that affects millions of women between 18 to 44 years old. Significantly, there are myriads of symptoms that patients have to manage. It is the syndrome that has no cure. Nor, we know any definite cause for the disorder. So far, it has been investigated that there is hereditary predisposition in addition ecological aspects that bring about expansive range of symptoms. On the other hand, these two major factors are combined to bring plausibility of Epigenetic approach to prevent the syndrome. As you modify life style and diet, you may have control over the disorder.

To continue discussion on spring liver detox program, Dr. Nina Walsh and Hee Joo Park, R pH bring new insights on PCOS and how liver detox can help women who experience many ill effects of PCOS. Hormone imbalance and overweight commonly seen in the case of the syndrome are strong factors jeopardizing general health of hepatic system. Regardless of the restorative regimen consisted of weight control, exercise, and hormone therapy you are on, you’d be so much better off when you initiate gentle non-invasive liver detox diet program under the supervision of physician. This edition of podcast will guide you through essential components of detox program concerning PCOS.

Podcast hosting by HeeJoo Park, RPh, ABAAHP, FACA, MS
CEO of Key Compounding Pharmacy

Dr. Nina Walsh, ND Specializes in Naturopathic medicine, accupucture, holistic skin care.

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