Happy news for men.  The estimated degree to which genes contribute to the risk of prostate cancer is between 50%-63%.  This is the highest for any malignancy studied.  Breast cancer in women is estimated at about 28%.

The familial connection for prostate cancer is very low.  But apparently there are multiple other genes which, of themselves, may only be of moderate risk, but in combination with other “risky” genes contribute to the 50-63% overall risk.  Much work needs to be done to identify risky genes and determine how environmental factors might be involved.

But in the meantime about the only reasonable course is to do everything you can too stay healthy and watch  for signs and symptoms of prostrate issues.  Do not hesitate to contact your physician if your body is telling you something might be wrong.

Contact Key Compounding Pharmacy if you have any questions about what signs and symptoms to watch for.  Remember, we are here….Just For You!

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