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According to Eastern Medicine, Spring is the time that stimultes the energy of Liver among five viscera. For that reason, Spring is believed to be the best time for liver detox program to remove the toxins more effectively than in other seasons. If you follow energetic quality of liver and support it by corresponding Green diet, you may be surprised to see vitality springs up. Liver detox program is by strengthening the cell function to eliminate many toxins and carcinogens such as pollutants, heavy metals, accumulated in the body over Winter time. In particular fasting as detox program can be the most powerful method that induce calibration of neuro-immune system against external toxins. Fasting alone can enhance your natural body detoxification function and excretory functions.

Spring detox program may prevent aging by promoting healthy cell formation as well as by increasing the interaction between various cell cycles. Spring detox may improve many different types of chronic diseases by reducing the levels of cellular inflammation. Dr.Nina Walsh and Hee Joo Park, discussed how natural healing of whole body starts from liver and suggested simple yet powerful detox guide for Spring time.

Podcasting hosting by HeeJoo Park, RPh, ABAAHP, FACA, MS
CEO of Key Compounding Pharmacy

Dr. Nina Walsh, ND Specializes in Naturopathic medicine, accupucture, holistic skin care.

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