In this video presentation, Dr.John Inman hosted an interview with Matt Weisser, Pharm D, Rph, to discuss current insurance policy.

What to Know About Antibody Testing

What to Know About Antibody Testing

A COVID-19 antibody test is a blood test that can tell if you previously had COVID-19 and have since recovered. The test involves having your blood drawn at a healthcare facility. It checks for the presence of a particular antibody your body makes when it’s fighting the virus. These antibodies appear in your bloodstream after you’ve been infected. This test is not the same as a nasal swab test and does not check for the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19. You should not get this test if you’re currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

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Compounding Medications for  Men’s Health

Compounding Medications for Men’s Health

Special presentation by By Matthew Weisser, Pharm D Dr. Matt Weisser brings the most updated information about Men’s health issue. As a compounding pharmacist, he has accumulated an extensive knowledge to support Men”s health clinics nationwide over the years. He will cover how individually customized medicine for Men can improve your well beings. Men’s hormone therapy, ED, and anti-aging strategies for Men are some of topics. Please Join us.

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