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Nutritional Support for Pets

Nutrition is the foundation of optimal health. Innumerable studies and observations over
the centuries have pointed out the importance of nutrition in maintaining health. These
studies have correlated deficiencies of vitamin C with scurvy, thiamin with beriberi, niacin with pellagra, B vitamins with Alzheimer’s and heart disease, fat-soluble vitamins with liver disease, cholestasis, and inflammatory bowel disease, minerals with growth inhibition, and antioxidants with nutritional amblyopia and chronic diseases.

It is only in the modern era that our foods are available primarily in a processed form.
Our foods are now cooked, pasteurized, refined, exposed to pressure, and mixed with
preservatives to prolong shelf life and additives to alter color, texture, and taste. It is
clearly recognized that processing food in this way damages or destroys vital nutrients. Extensive documentation of the world-wide effects of processed foods on human health was compiled by Dr. Weston Price (1945, 1997). Price observed cultures throughout the world and found that health problems developed in epidemic proportions when native cultures changed from traditional foods to modern, processed diets.

Likewise, in a decade long, multi-generational study in cats comparing the effects of
cooked, raw, and raw and cooked food combinations, Dr. Francis Pottenger found that multiple degenerative disorders developed in cats eating mostly cooked foods. These disorders became progressively worse in the cooked food group of cats as this feeding approach was continued over succeeding generations.

The list of disorders is long and includes skeletal abnormalities of the skull and long bones, cardiac problems, poor eyesight, thyroid disorders, arthritis, respiratory disease, allergies, dental disease, and infections of internal organs like the liver and kidneys. Much of the pattern of disease noted by Pottenger is mirrored in the diseases seen in veterinary practice today. These studies and others highlight the critical importance of nutrition for optimal health and provide solid evidence that essential nutritional factors are lost or altered during routine food processing.



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 What Customers Are Saying

My geriatric pug has chronic UTI’s. These supplements has helped quite a bit in her resistance to them.

Our dog Maddy has been fighting mange since we got her over a year ago. Our vet recommended these products to support Maddy’s immune system. She’s finally off the mange medication and mange free! We are continuing to use Standard Process to support her immune system.
– Kathleen Vaughan

Our little Westie had high liver enzymes and his vet recommended this. It brought down the enzyme level to an acceptable level.
– “Chemo Survivor”

This powder has helped my dog recover from immunizations since she was a puppy. Additionally, it nearly completely abates her allergy symptoms which included green, goopy eyes and itchy skin. It’s a simple and cost-effective supplement.
– ebietz