Customer Testimonials Update

Thank you to our valued customers who are kind enough to take the time to write and thank our Pharmacy team for their hard work to providing a quality compounding medication and exceptional customer service.Your satisfaction is our top priority at Key Compounding Pharmacy and we will strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. It is greatly appreciated!

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Glutathione, Need More

Glutathione When You need more Unlike vitamins, glutathione(glutathione) is something that our body makes. Whenever you think about detoxification, this molecule is the one that does the job. If your body continually exposed various toxins, Chances are...

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Summer Adventure Checklists

When some part of the country expects triple-digit temps, escaping to an overseas retreat may not be a bad idea.  Traveling exotic places around the world sounds even more exciting. You have all the tools to plan the perfect vacation with a travel agency.  However, you should be aware of the health risks that your travel agent may forget to tell you about. 

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Color of wine matters

On the off-chance that you are a man who can not leave behind a glass of wine in supper, think about this. A glass of red wine a day brings down the risk of prostate cancer. To the contrary, white wine drinkers faced a slight uptick in prostate cancer risk according to a review published online April 17 in Clinical Epidemiology.

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Have you done Cataract surgery?

Eyes is the one to show the first signs of aging in our bodies more than anything else.  After the age of 40 comprehensive dilated eye examinations with your eye doctor should be top priority to reduce the risks of various eye diseases. In particular, you should watch out for cataract which is the most prevalent age-related ophthalmologic disease.

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Low dose Atropine Eye Drops for Childhood Myopia

Myopia epidemic among teenagers became a real threat and it spreads fast in worldwide.

Up until now, the most seriously affected areas are in East Asian Countries. Global high tech exporters such as Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea found that  80 to 90 percent of their late teens were nearsighted. Especially, the situation in Korea was the worst. Of the 19-year-old men surveyed, 96.5% were nearsighted. 

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