A Women’s Guide to Men’s Health

Men’s health issues are often unique and benefit from compounded medications. Key Compounding Pharmacy (KCP) specializes in personalized medications fitting the unique needs of men. Our men’s health medications are cost effective and provide customized solutions unavailable from manufacturers. KCP’s men’s health medications address bio- identical hormone replacement, andropause, fertility, and erectile dysfunction. Women play a crucial role in insuring men have the proper supplements and therapies to promote a long, vibrant, and healthy life. Helping choose a physician that understands the importance of personalized medicine and is comfortable using a compounding pharmacy is important. KCP will gladly work with that physician to personalize a solution.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Physicians who focus on men’s health prescribe hormones to replace declining testosterone or to provide a boost in DHEA to improve the production of testosterone. KCP provides only BHRT. It is no longer necessary for the man in your life to continuously seek injections, messy gels, or injectable pellets. Low cost high absorption transdermal creams and drops or troches to dissolve in the mouth are easy to use and investment is low.

Testosterone Replacement

Decreasing levels of the male hormone testosterone comes with aging. Most men see testosterone levels drop as they age. When men reach 40, testosterone levels can drop 1% per year. By the age of 80, a man can produce half of the testosterone he produced when younger. Physicians prescribe bio-identical testosterone to bring testosterone levels into a range the physician feels will benefit the patient.


Andropause is a subset of age related testosterone depletion. When older men complain of fatigue, weight gain, reduced muscle bulk and strength, and a diminished sex drive, an evaluation by their physician to explore low testosterone may be in order. Menopause in women is different than andropause in men. In women, hormone levels drop suddenly and in men the reduction is gradual and often goes unnoticed for years until the above symptoms begin to emerge.


Men’s infertility has many causes, one of them being hormone imbalances. When a physician identifies hormone imbalances as a potential cause of infertility, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be prescribed.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction affects over 20 million men in the US alone and is a distressing complication that occurs during the treatment of prostate cancer. Other disease states such as diabetes, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, and low testosterone also may contribute to ED. Key Compounding Pharmacy provides physicians with solutions they are unable to source through pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Men’s Supplements

Men’s health issues often require professionally prescribed supplements to ensure the body has the support necessary to stave off disease or naturally counter ongoing health challenges and the natural ageing process. When a physician prescribes supplements for a patient, the supplements are tax free, which provides patients with a reduced cost way to

get professional advice on professional supplementation. As well, patients may order directly. A 10% discount applies on supplement orders over $100. Unlike consumer supplements, professional supplements or nutraceuticals, are specifically designed to help the body’s biological systems perform as nature designed them to perform. When performing optimally, the body is better suited to rise to the challenges from environmental and biological factors that surround us continuously.

Nutritional Supplements Stocked in our Nutrition Center

Our Nutrition Center provides you with the highest quality nutritional supplements from leading manufacturers of professional products. We carry lines including Standard Process, Xymogen, Metagenics, Imbue Botanicals, Biogenesis, Integrative Therapeutics, Vital Nutrients, Pure Encapsulations, Priority One, Ayush Herbs, Douglas Laboratories, Biotics Research, and Allergy Research Group. These products include the basics such as calcium, vitamin D3, men’s multi-vitamins, fish oil, and hundreds of specialized professional supplements to maintain men’s health and vitality.

Some Supplements for Men’s Health

Fish oil: Omega-3 fatty acids keep blood pressure and triglyceride levels low and the heart beating regularly. It’s been shown to help with decrease inflammation, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, metabolic syndrome and more.

Vitamin D: The main role of vitamin D is to aid the body with absorbing calcium, and helping you to both build stronger bones and prevent bone loss.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an antioxidant, and it’s also essential to maintaining low light and color vision, mucus membranes (helps to protect your body from disease), and skin cells.

Magnesium: Magnesium is a mineral that is important for normal bone structure in the body and for diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It plays an essential role in numerous cellular reactions, including methylation, ATP production, and physiologically helps regulate muscle contraction.

Glutamine: Glutamine is the most abundant free form amino acid found in the body. It plays a role in a number of biochemical reactions, is a precursor to the neurotransmitter glutamate, and is involved in helping maintain a healthy gut.

Zinc: Zinc is found in cells throughout the body. It helps the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses. The body also needs zinc to make proteins and DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Zinc is critical for testosterone conversation.

Quality Methyl Complex: Critical for methylation. Includes Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Folate (not Folic Acid), Vitamin B12.

Quercetin: Quercetin is used to treat heart and blood vessel conditions and treating infections of the prostate among many other applications. It is also used to increase endurance and improve athletic performance. Quercetin aids in slowing down the metabolism of testosterone.

PGE: Prostaglandin E has a role in bladder health and vasodilation, reducing needless clot formation, and regulating smooth muscle tissue contraction.

7-keto-DHEA: 7-keto-DHEA is formed from dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in the body. DHEA is produced by glands near the kidneys. Unlike DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA is not converted to steroid hormones such as androgen and estrogen.

Coenzyme Q10: Q10 plays an important part in metabolism and protects cells from damage.

Boron: Boron is used for increasing testosterone levels, building strong bones, treating osteoarthritis, as an aid for building muscles, and for improving thinking skills and muscle coordination.

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