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At Key Compounding Pharmacy, we strive to practice our principles and values in everything we do
The Puget Sound Drug Corporation started Key Compounding Pharmacy as a Rexall franchise in 1963. As a neighborhood pharmacy in that era, it catered mostly to young families. As the residents in the community aged, home medical equipment and home health care products became essential departments.

In the early 1990’s many doctors and patients began asking for prescriptions that were natural to the body. They wanted nutritional supplements that would enhance the outcome of their prescriptions. Once again Key Pharmacy responded to the community’s need and began custom compounding prescriptions for individual patients.
Instead of offering just one manufactured prescription strength for everyone, now each patient can be matched with the strength that is best for him or her. In the art of extemporaneous compounding, we tailor medicines and dosages to meet patient’s specific needs. Rather than matching the patient to the prescription, we match the prescription to the patient.

Our Values


We collectively work to achieve common goals using effective tools

Positive Attitude

Consistently creating a harmonious and productive environment together


Listening to the customer’s unique medical needs and going above and beyond

Right Wrongs

Don’t cover things up. Do the right thing


We behave and communicate with honesty and moral principle at all times

Be Proactive

Taking control and making things happen rather than just  waiting

Think Win-Win

Having a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit

Seek First to Understand

Empathically listens to others first before seeking to be understood


Creating the fruit when things work together harmoniously and naturally