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Purpose can be defined as “We believe in and are dedicated to providing compassionate customer service and high quality customized compounds and nutrients to enhance the lives of those we serve.”

KCP’s example of Purpose is “Listening to the customer’s unique medical needs and going above and beyond to get them exactly what they need – even when it isn’t easy or convenient.”

Having purpose will help us to make decisions aligned with the vision naturally and consistently rather than wondering about whether or not we are making right decisions each time. It will also give us a sense of direction about where we are headed and help put things in perspective. Purpose comes from the vision, mission, and values.

From one-on-one meetings with our team, I learned many of our team members are motivated by learning what we compound and how they can help our customers. Knowledge empowers them to better serve our customers to enhance their quality of life. As our company’s mission is to empower our patients and prescribers to make informed and alternative choices for improved health and wellness via personalized medicine, I found our team’s individual purpose is well aligned with our company’s mission. Research shows the employees of today want a sense of purpose in their work, which is what I am finding from my one-on-one meetings with you as well. The desire to have a positive impact on society ranks higher than pay scale in choosing a job. So, as a CEO of a company it is critical for me to have team members that share the same personal values and mission as our company for the success of both parties. That is why I welcome conversations of purpose in the company, value personal purpose as a motivator, and understand that each individual brings a unique purpose to the team. I believe as we make the shift that the experience will create higher productivity, lower turn-over, and greater access to the full creativity that our team has to offer.

I hope our company’s strong and embodied values and mission can serve as a role model for our team as you evolve and shape your life’s values and mission.

I can envision our company building a healthy community where we can sustain the prosperity and I am committed to the company’s values, mission and vision because doing so helps me fulfill my own purpose in life.

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