7 habits - integrity

Integrity can be defined as “We behave and communicate with honesty and moral principle at all times.”

Key Compounding Pharmacy example of “Integrity”: taking ownership and learning from our successes and failures.

Here is a quote from our favorite book, 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, page 195.

“Integrity is conforming reality to our words- in other words, keeping promises and fulfilling expectations. This requires an integrated character, a oneness, primarily with self but also with life.”

While you are practicing Integrity every day you realize that you need others to be on board on this journey as we are all connected. Without their agreement and intention, you will feel powerless. That is why we build a team together (Oneness).

As we have to start from somewhere, we will start small from ourselves (Inside Out Approach), then expand the circle of influence, just like hurricane, tornados, and IT revolution (our beloved I phones that empower us daily!).

It all starts from that first step or whirl that keeps going without losing the momentum.

We already started our journey together, whether you realize or not. (BTW, thank you for joining). I know you have a strong will. This journey requires an iron will from team members. I will heavily rely on all of you as I have done already.

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