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Perio Gel

A powerful antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide dental gel

Milton V. Marshall, PhD, DABT, RQAP-GLP, CCRP*.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Viruses

Significant evidence exists for the antiviral activity of hydrogen peroxide toward coronaviruses. The US Environmental Protection Agency regulates disinfectants, and 0.5% hydrogen peroxide and other products are registered as a disinfectant for human coronaviruses (EPA List N). Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces can occur with a variety of biocidal agents, including hydrogen peroxide (Kampf et al.). The FDA allows use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide for sterilizing respirators for reuse under the Emergency Use Authorization Act…


What we should know about Gum Diastase


      • Gum disease is a mixed bacterial infection that produces inflammatory reaction by host to the periodontal tissues that surround and support the teeth.
      • The pathogenic bacteria causing gum disease may travel to distant sites through the bloodstream and there induce systemic conditions that could result as such:

    Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease,Respiratory Disease, Blood Clots and Strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic Inflammatory Conditions

Oral Debriding Agent / Oral Wound Cleaner
with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide

Perio Gel

Hydrogen Peroxide

The active ingredient in PerioGel is hydrogen peroxide. It occurs naturally in the body and is also a powerful antimicrobial. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the protective slime layer covering bacterial communities, and it can break down the cell walls of bacteria causing infections and oral wounds associated with gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

Tooth Whitening

A common side effect of PerioGel usage in prescription trays is gradual tooth whitening. Patients who have anterior restorations (for example crowns in front teeth) should talk with their doctors/dentists. The 1.7% concentration of hydrogen peroxide in PerioGel is much lower than professional whitening products, so whitening effects will not be immediately noticed, but with consistent usage gives you a whiter, brighter smile.

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