Below are real customer testimonials taken from our customer surveys

"Leo and customer service were great. Really appreciate your expediting my order and working with my Dr,'s office"

"Those who answer the phone have been consistently courteous, responsive and patient. I appreciate the attention you give to my prescriptions, ...

and the quickness of filling them - and that you are easy to contact when I need to do so. With many thanks ..."

"Your customer service continues to be excellent and I really appreciate your entire team."

"Thank you for mailing order out so soon. Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Rachel Vardeman had helped me over the years and she is a jewel. Rachel has become a friend, as well as a superior representative for Key Pharmacy for her kind and efficient help over the years. "

"She has always gone the extra mile. Thank you for being the pharmacy you are."

"I've used two other compounding pharmacies in the past and yours was the best in all areas!"

"Very happy with all the staff from the pharmacist to the checkout professionals. My cat loves you guys too ! Thanks for answering my many questions and being there for us."

"The employees of Key Compounding are always polite and willing to help with any problems and any questions you have."

"Always enjoy the fast respnose; efficient service when I call for a re-order."

"Your customer service continues to be excellent and exceed expectations. I appreciate your staff very much."

" I have been a customer for about a year know I myself get prescriptions amd my husband and key Compounding pharmacy has been amazing. The staff have always been so helpful and on top of it. Thank you. "

" There are a few compounding pharmacies in the area but you are the only one I know of that does liquid serum. You're my go-to place and I appreciate your service. "

" Both employees I spoke with were both knowledgeable and helpful. "

" Actually we have yet to fill the prescription. I have made an inquiry. Next step is to contact my doctor. I am impressed with the quick response to my email. "

" I was required to find another pharmacy because for some reason related to new regulations the pharmacy I was dealing with could no longer fill my prescription. Key Compounding Pharmacy was very very helpful."

"in every regard helping me to transfer my prescription and get it filled and shipped to me. The only comment was that I figured that due to regulation inflation I would have to pay more and indeed I now do. "

" This is my first order and I was very pleased with it. "

" My experience as a new customer has been efficient and pleasant. Thank you. "

"I have been very grateful for your professional and excellent handling of my prescriptions. Every person I have dealt with has been careful...

to answer my questions and make sure that my prescription orders are fulfilled correctly. You guys do a great job! "

" I think you guys are wonderful, helpful, always been courteous and listen. I have nothing but praises for every staff member at Key Pharmacy. I'm so glad your there. "

"Thank you for being so reliable and friendly with each and every transaction. I appreciate doing business with Key Compounding Pharmacy. "

"I have talked to several staff members; they have always been eager to help and very caring."

"Pharmacy employee's are excellent and very friendly ! "

"We are pleased with the delivery, well done"

"Great pharmacy. Thank you! "

"Thanks to everyone one there for all the help you give me every time I order. I especially am thankful to Rachael for getting my meds ordered twice a month for my cat TIGER.

She has helped me many times to ensure I get my time sensitive meds on time to my home 2 hours away. I appreciate every ones time and kindness through this learning curve I'm going through. Happy Holidays to everyone at Key Pharmacy !! "

"Key Pharmacy service is always prompt, courteous and professional. I've been ordering my compounded prescriptions from you since 2002 or 2003 and have always been pleased with my prescriptions and your service. "

"I've purchased compounded prescriptions from Key Pharmacy for well over 10 years. You are a special pharmacy that includes the best service and kindness of any place I've ever shopped."

"I really like how representatives go above and beyond to help!"

"As far as I am concerned, from all personnel working in Key Pharmacy that I have come in contact with, all have responded very professionally, cordially, promptly and kindly to all my medicinal needs!

And that is even from the days when Key Pharmacy was located in DesMoines, Washington, to all the way to the current times now with the pharmacy located in Federal Way!

More over, I even occasionally depend on Key Pharmacy for medications that are needed to be sent to me, all the way to Indian Harbour Beach, Florida!!! That is what I call service!!!!!!! "

"I have been a customer of Key Compounding Pharmacy for approximately nine years. I receive my prescriptions via mail, always in a timely manner. The associates of your pharmacy have always been extremely kind & professional. Thank you for taking care of me."

"The staff always treats me with impeccable service and respect. Well done to whomever trains and talks about customer service they are awesome."

"Key Compounding (KC) Pharmacy has been very quick to respond to my phone calls and online prescription order. I have not been a customer for more than several months, but KC has already impressed me with their stellar services."

"I appreciate the follow-up when the dentist's office was slow to respond to a refill request for HydroGel. Thank you."

"The Key Compounding Pharmacy folks who answer my calls are always so pleasant and efficient about filling my prescription, ensuring it is being shipped to the correct address and very timely. I have had an excellent experience over the past 3 years."

I am so appreciative to have such a reliable pharmacy and I always have a good experience with filling my orders. They treat me like an individual and valued customer, not just a number. Excellent customer service!""

"Thank you to Cynthia for her kind, courteous, knowledgeable and quick responses to my questions and order/request for a prescription. I look forward to working again with Cynthia or whomever at Key Compounding assists me in the future."

"Rachel was outstanding! After way too long of a delay returning her call - ALL of which was my fault - she was able to expedite my order so it will arrive before we leave town. She didn't have to go above and beyond, but she did. Thank you!"

"Service is always prompt, courteous and Rx always delivered quickly. Thank you!"

" I have considered switching to a different & closer compounding pharmacy but your customer service and attn to quality is superior and is the reason I stay. Your whole staff does an excellent job.”

"Thankful to find my compounded medication at a fraction of what I was paying through a local pharmacy. Thank you! "

"Staff is polite and friendly when I call. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work!"

"Keep up the good customer service. It's the "BEST"!"

"Key Pharmacy has literally saved my life, starting with Bill Corriston being willing to customize elemental nutrients for me in 2006 (which I am still taking), Debbie Mickel searching far and wide and somehow finding other essential pharmaceuticals for me when they have become very scarce, and everyone else there who has been unfailingly conscientious and courteous. I am greatly indebted to you all!!"

"Everything was great. Everything was easy. And everything happened better than expected. Thanks!"

"I also use the over the counter vitamins. Lai is very helpful and knowledgeable."

"I am very thankful for key compound pharmacy. It's a shame that we do not have one here in Oklahoma. I'm feeling sooo much better being on your natural compounded rxs med . Thank you very much."

"I appreciate how quickly that I heard from you and how courteous you were on the phone. And my product arrived very quickly and you kept me up-do-date online. Great service and product. Thanks."

"I appreciate how quickly that I heard from you and how courteous you were on the phone. And my product arrived very quickly and you kept me up-do-date online. Great service and product. Thanks."

"Alejandra and Rachael were very helpful not only in getting my prescription filled and shipped quickly but also in providing me with a list of my 2015 prescriptions for reimbursement from my FSA account. Thank you both!"

"Wow! Even during the holidays they got a last minute order filled and shipped out in one business day. Truly impressive. I will likely switch all of my scrips to them!"

Welcome to Key Compounding Pharmacy

At Key Compounding Pharmacy, we empower you to make informed, alternative choices for improved health and wellness via personalized medicine. Our pharmacists have the expertise to compound products requiring specialized ingredients, and our state-of-the-art lab is home to sophisticated equipment not available in most pharmacies. Here are our commitments to you that define who we are and how we serve our customers.


Our commitment to quality and patient safety is second to none. The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) sets strict guidelines for sterile and non-sterile preparations, all of which we surpass. We are PCAB accredited, and therefore are among the top 2.5% of compounding pharmacies in our focus on quality and safety. As a PCCA member, we can assure our patients the highest quality inputs for every preparation.


We believe that integrity and accountability are the foundation for a genuine and lasting relationship with our customers. Part of our commitment to you is working honestly and ethically with our patients, their doctor, our team, and partners. Only then can we provide the highest quality medications and deliver the best possible customer experience.


When your doctor sends us a prescription, our staff diligently tracks your order to ensure it is processed quickly and efficiently. Additionally, they are always ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns about your prescription. We maintain high standards when customizing a preparation for you, and we work hard to make sure you get exactly what you need.


We believe in empowering the patient and physician community through knowledge by providing access to high quality educational webinars, information, and resources. Our Key2Health educational programs are designed to help patients make more informed healthcare choices, and provide physicians with tools to enhance their clinical practice.
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We believe that only when people take charge of their health are they empowered to achieve a better quality of life.

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