7 habits - teamwork

We can define an organization’s culture as The commonly-held set of values and principles that shows up in the everyday behavior of its people.”

With this in mind I would like us to reflect on Teamwork this week.

Teamwork is defined as “We collectively work to achieve common goals using effective and open communication while demonstrating respect and support for everyone.”

Key Compounding Pharmacy’s example of Teamwork is to take the initiative when we are swamped by stepping in to help someone else, providing assistance when it is needed to help meet our customer’s needs – without being asked.

I know every day we run into an opportunity to practice our values via action. We also might feel that some of our team members may not display our values via action. The key to success in building our culture together is to communicate effectively with a positive attitude to encourage each other.

I hope you don’t assume the other person doesn’t want to practice our values. Perhaps they didn’t understand you needed help. Something so obvious to you may not be so obvious to others. If this is the case, then we should ask for help in a positive way rather than assuming. Just like learning how to play football on a team takes practice every day consistently, building our culture together will require consistent practice.

Let's Work Together

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