7 habits - positive attitude

Positive Attitude can be defined as “Consistently creating a harmonious and productive environment by working together, treating everyone with dignity and showing appreciation for everyone’s contribution.”

Key Compounding Pharmacy’s example of Positive Attitude is “Regardless of circumstances (stress, deadlines, outside issues or workload) we act and talk with kindness and compassion for others.”

Being positive or enthusiastic is a choice that you make.

The circumstances or the people around you can’t make you positive. It is a choice that you make from your core. You don’t smile because you are happy, rather you smile therefore you are happy! You create your happiness. You are a creator!  Your happiness is not created by the weather, your parents or coworkers.

Every day when you wake up, you decide whether you are going to be positive today or not, which will govern your productivity, effectiveness and success in the end.

Here is a few ways of cultivating positive attitude that I found by searching the virtual community.

  • Take responsibility for your own life.
  • Prepare for the day’s activities at a reasonable pace.
  • Think about all the positive things you expect to accomplish during the day and always expect the best.
  • Smile and laugh often – it’s powerful and relaxes the whole body. Go to comedy clubs, take “laughter yoga” classes and read comic books.
  • Develop a habit of using only positive language.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Perform your work with passion and enthusiasm.
  • Always give thanks, acknowledge a job well done and celebrate successes, even the small ones.
  • Look for the good in every bad/challenging situation.

Eat healthy.

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