7 habits - synergize

Synergize can be defined as “Creating the fruit (teamwork) which is harvested when things work together harmoniously and naturally.”

KCP’s example of Synergize is “We celebrate differences and find new and better ways to achieve teamwork with open mindedness, rather than tolerating differences and compromising by working independently and thinking I am always right.”

The essence of Synergy comes from valuing the differences. By valuing the differences you create an alternative focal point from which creative energy comes alive. It is similar to creating synthesis from thesis and antithesis. Rather than fighting between thesis and antithesis, you can create synthesis by practicing empathic listening. Rather than colliding between right and wrong, you can create the third alternative, profoundness through living by principles.

Who can achieve the third alternative? Only those who practice proactivity and have an inner power from principle-centered living. A reactive mind can’t listen empathically. When you don’t have inner strength from principle-centered living, you can’t be open-minded. This means when you are not independent, you can’t achieve interdependency. Synergy is an interdependent victory. When you don’t plant a seed (independence, proactivity), you can’t expect to harvest the fruit (interdependence, teamwork), can you?

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