Healthcare Consumer Education

Below are links to podcasts that can help you stay informed about trends that are reshaping the field of medicine. You may also be interested in the Key2Health Professional Webinar Series.

Clinical Genomics

Genomics: “What is it and how can it help me?” – What can we tell from modern genetic testing, and how can this new information help both in the prevention and treatment of common health concerns?  (Source: Contact Talk Radio)

Genomics: “Effects on general health and disease” – How does our emerging understanding of genetics and health affect our choices of treatment, diet and lifestyle? How can modern testing help guide prevention strategies?  (Source: Contact Talk Radio)

Genetic Influences on Immunity – How do genes work and what can affect them after we are born? How do they “code” for immune function and what can you do about your genes?  (Source: Contact Talk Radio)

Genomics and Methylation – MTHFR – Methylation – Part 1” 2-12-15 What is methylation, how does it relate to the MTHFR defect and how does this affect health?   (Source: Contact Talk Radio)

Genomics: “Methylation – Part-2 – Beyond MTHFR gene variations, how can the understanding of methylation status help to guide therapy and improve health?  (Source: Contact Talk Radio)

Genomics: Cases from our files – Cases spotlighting the use of genomic medicine from our own experience will be discussed.  (Source: Contact Talk Radio)