When appropriately used facing an imminent threat of radiation exposure, potassium iodide can protect the thyroid gland by saturating the gland with iodine thereby preventing radioactive Iodine-131 from entering the thyroid where it can lead to thyroid cancer and other harmful effects.

If taken inappropriately without an imminent threat or actual exposure to radiation, potassium iodide can do more harm than good.  When misused, it can cause iodine toxicity with symptoms ranging from relatively mild, such as metallic taste and sore gums and teeth, all the way to negative effects on the thyroid itself.

The current situation in Japan is being monitored closely.  Should the time ever arise when preventatives such as potassium iodide are called for, you can rely on Key Pharmacy Compounding Center to have the information you need to make an informed choice about your course of action.

In the meantime, we caution you to contact one of our pharmacists or your physician before taking potassium iodide.

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