Today, society is becoming increasingly more aware of the significance of men’s health.  In addition to treatment and interventions focused on prevention of early death and disability in men, there is increased focus on treatments that can improve men’s quality of life.  Compounded medications are taking on a more prominent role in helping men achieve higher quality of life, as they allow for the customization of medicinal doses and formulations that do not otherwise exist as commercially manufactured drugs. 

Dr. Matt Weisser brings the most updated information about men’s health issue. As a compounding pharmacist, he has accumulated an extensive knowledge to support men’s health clinics nationwide over the years. He will cover how individually customized medicine for men can improve your well beings. Men’s hormone therapy, ED, and anti-aging strategies for men are some of topics. Come join  Dr. Matthew Weisser as he explores the topic of men’s health and those conditions amenable to treatment with compounded medications to improve men’s quality of life. This special presentation will be open to the general public at no charge.


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