As a person transitions through life, it is a good idea to stop occasionally to take stock of who they are and where they are going.  This is also true of businesses such as Key Compounding Pharmacy (KCP).  What is it that identifies why it exists and at the same time forms the basis for future direction?  For KCP it is its mission statement.

KCP exists and constantly strives:   to empower patients and healthcare providers to make informed, alternative choices for improved health and wellness.

What does this mean in actual practice?  KCP….

  • focuses on its patients and healthcare providers and their needs
  • provides the best healthcare information possible - guidance that can be trusted
  • focuses on the art of compounding and how it can help improve health and wellness
  • encourages its patients to be proactive and take control and responsibility for their own health
  • provides the safest, most effective compounded medication possible

The owners, pharmacists, technicians, and assistants strive to live this mission everyday, in every encounter with patients and healthcare providers.

You can trust Key Compounding Pharmacy.  It is here “Just For You”.

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