Dr David HanscomDr. David Hanscom is an orthopedic spine surgeon currently practicing at Swedish Hospital’s Neuroscience Specialists, Seattle, Washington. We had the opportunity to talk with him about a new approach he has developed to help his patients gain freedom from chronic pain without the need for complex and often unnecessary spine surgery.

In his book, Back in Control, Dr. Hanscom focuses on an aspect of chronic pain that the medical world has largely overlooked: you must calm your nervous system in order to get better. Beyond any other book about back pain, Back in Control reveals how to quiet a turbocharged central nervous system and make a full recovery. His life-changing system, based in part on new research from the field of neuroplasticity,  has helped hundreds of patients heal their pain.  This book is a treatment paradigm that has evolved from his personal experience as well as learning from his patients. Dr. Hanscom’s goal for his patients is not just learning to live with pain or manage it. It is becoming pain free. These patients’ stories, as well as his own, show that patients can take charge of their care and set themselves on the road to a healthy, rich and full life.

Click the play button below to listen to the phone interview with Dr. David Hanscom, the author of Back in Control.

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